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Retrospective 2023 - Part 2

Retrospective 2023 - Top 5 Posts 🚀🔍

Retrospectiva engenharia CAEXPERTS 2023

Welcome to the second part of our 2023 Retrospective! If you missed the first part, don't worry – click here to explore posts 10 to 6 that marked our year. Now, get ready to dive into the top five articles that were featured in CAEXPERTS.

Let's quickly recap the previous posts:

Now, let's move on to the TOP 5 posts from the last year, where we cover everything from the revolution in the global energy matrix to the challenges and solutions in the design of transformers and electrical machines.

O Papel do Hidrogênio Verde na Reformulação da Matriz Energética Mundial Sustentável

Embark on an intriguing analysis of the impact of Green Hydrogen on the revolution in the global energy matrix. This article offers a critical and practical point of view, going beyond corporate marketing. Discover new ideas and solutions to energy challenges, revisiting concepts, reviewing foundations and exploring paths to a more sustainable future. By heating up the turbines, dive into how we can transform energy in innovative ways.

 Estado da Arte em Projeto de Máquinas Elétricas

Enter the advanced world of electrical machine design in this exploration led by CAEXPERTS in collaboration with SIEMENS Digital Industries Software. Explore the frontiers of multidisciplinary optimization and multiphysics integration, discovering how digital tools are radically transforming the design of these engines. From analytical calculation to 2D analysis, multiphysics and system approach, learn the deep layers of electrical machine design for complete and efficient understanding.

A Digitalização da Engenharia pode transformar a Indústria de Fundição

Explore the transformative possibilities of digital engineering in the foundry industry with CAEXPERTS. Discover how the strategic partnership between CAEXPERTS and Siemens Digital Industries Software can boost your company's competitiveness. From advanced part engineering with Simcenter 3D to casting process improvement with STAR-CCM+, dive into tools that will optimize your designs, reduce costs, and speed production.

Reduza drasticamente o tempo de ciclo usando simulações

Discover how a simulation-driven design approach can be the key to accelerating time to market. CAEXPERTS highlights three reasons why the "stop/start" is slowing down design teams. With an emphasis on saving time, explore how simulations can prevent unforeseen problems, enable accurate root cause analysis, and automate the sharing of design information. Download the e-book to explore the multidisciplinary approach to design and learn how incorporating simulations from the earliest stages of the design process can significantly enhance innovation in electronics design.

Por que os transformadores de energia são tão barulhentos?

Explore the intriguing world of power transformers and discover why they produce so much noise, known as 'transformer hum'. This post analyzes the basic structure of a three-phase transformer and highlights the influence of magnetostriction, a phenomenon associated with cold-rolled grain-oriented electrical steels. Learn how simulation, especially with Simcenter 3D, can be crucial to understanding and mitigating these effects. Also learn about Lorentz forces and the complexity of transformer joint design. If you are involved in transformer design, this reading offers valuable insights.


Now, we invite you to take the next step in your innovation journey. Schedule a meeting with us at CAEXPERTS to explore how advanced engineering and simulation solutions can boost your business in 2024. Let's turn ideas into reality. Together, we will reach new horizons. Schedule your meeting now! 🚀📆

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