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Solid Edge: Data Migration

There are many advanced CAD tools on the market today, and it is often the case that companies switch from one of these tools to another. At this moment, for many, the concern comes: “what about all the work done in the other software !? Are you going to get lost?” or “How complicated will it be to recover this data? Will they be 100% intact?”

Well, Solid Edge solves this problem quickly and conveniently, as it has, by default, 2 of the 3 ways of migrating data among those provided by Siemens, without additional costs.

Directly open a multitude of file formats!

Based on Solid Edge's “File Open” command , this feature where you simply, as its name suggests, open the file by clicking “Open” in Solid Edge and then “Browse” to find your file. Remember to select the file type or select “ all documents ” in the filtering area.

This feature is suitable for individual files or a small number of files and applies to a wide range of supported formats:

  • SolidWorks (parts and assemblies)

  • Inventor (parts and assemblies)

  • Pro/Engineer (parts and assemblies)

  • Siemens NX

  • AutoCAD (.dwg and .dxf)I

  • IGES

  • STEP

  • SL

  • Parasolid

  • JT


  • CATIA V4 (add-on module required)

  • CATIA V5 (parts and assemblies, add-on module required)

Advanced Migration Tool

Solid Edge advanced migration tools are automatically installed with Solid Edge. They can do batch data migration from the following software :

  • PTC Creo® Elements/Direct®

  • Autodesk Inventor®

  • Solidworks®

In addition to being used for mass file conversion, this migration maintains the link between respective parts, assemblies and drawings;

Note: you also need the license of the software whose files will be converted.

With these migration resources, we can convert the following resources:

The Synchronous Technology

Synchronous technology allows direct editing of imported 3D CAD models.

  • Unique technology, patented by Siemens Digital Industries Software;

  • Simply click and drag to modify the template;

  • Add and edit dimensions easily and quickly;

  • Doesn't require full resource tree transcription to get fully editable templates.

Batch Migration

Notice how simple it is to migrate your library from Solidworks, PTC Creo or Autodesk Inventor to Solid Edge:

  • Run Solid Edge on the same computer and at the same time as the software whose files will be converted;

  • Open the advanced migration tool for Solidworks, PTC Creo or Autodesk Inventor software ;

  • Indicate the folders containing the files you want to migrate;

  • Indicate the standard templates used in Solidworks, PTC Creo or Autodesk Inventor;

  • The migration tool runs in parallel with the two CAD tools, they open, extract, convert, migrate and save in Solid Edge's native format;

Follow, with this video tutorial, how simple it is to migrate your library from SolidWorks to Solid Edge to have a practical example:

After migration, using Synchronous technology , simply click and drag to modify the models.

  • Add and edit dimensions quickly, with just a few clicks;

  • Get fully editable templates available.


Why migrate?

Cost Reduction

Softwares de terceiros para migração de arquivos podem acarretar custos adicionais:

  • Purchase of migration software ;

  • Maintenance fees;

  • Consulting fees.

Also, the downloaded resource tree tends to be unstable, errors and incompatibilities often occur.

Solid Edge includes Solidworks, Inventor, and Creo Elements/Direct files migration software in its package at no additional charge.

Fast and comprehensive service

Work with customers who have the most diverse software, without complications, quickly and completely.

Accelerate the process of viewing and editing your customers' CAD files, thus ensuring quality service and fast delivery.

Full edition

  • Simultaneous Editing of Multiple Parts

Solid Edge lets you easily edit multiple parts in an assembly. Synchronous technology allows you to make simultaneous changes, simply by selecting and dragging.

  • Quick response to late-stage project changes

By simply updating reference dimensions, or applying geometry, you can quickly and easily make changes to any model without worrying about feature failures, rebuild issues, or time-consuming reworks.


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