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Otimização de Projetos

Project Optimization

In optimization, one can look for values ​​minimizing/maximizing a mathematical function through the systematic choice of values ​​that allows the comparison between different configurations and a detailed study of the models in different physics.

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Keep designing, even after shifts

Structural, thermal, acoustic, electrical design and whatever else is needed

The high degree of automation of SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES tools ensures that, even while the engineering team rests, your company continues to generate value, products and innovative solutions.
This feature ensures that the engineering team can dedicate their time to the innovation and product development processes, while the software takes care of testing the solutions, delivering the best possible option.

Optimization software from Siemens Digital Industries has the ability to deal with different physics together, integrating calculation routines already validated by companies with the most popular CAE applications on the market .
This allows the complete integration of the entire production and design cycle, integrating the engineering areas, making it possible to optimize products and projects with a focus on reducing raw material costs, production time, efficiency and product robustness. All this in the same software , in an integrated and automated way.

Software specialized in optimization, capable of evaluating data from different sources in search of the best design alternatives using CAD/CAE parameters.

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