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Complete and integrated CAE solution

Pre/Post Processing

Efficient meshing

Structural analysis

Durability and fatigue analysis

Electromagnetic simulations

Composite materials

Motion simulation

Thermal and acoustic simulation


Computational fluid dynamics

Particle flow

Electrochemical simulation

Moving objects

Multiphase flow simulation

Reactive flow

Thermal simulation

Battery simulation

Electric machines

Mechanics of Solids

Computational fluid dynamics

Friendly and intuitive interface

Integrated with CAD

Cartesian mesh generation

Innovative workflow

Engineering database

Analysis "What-IF"

Integration with FloMASTER

Compressible flows

Combustion processes


State-of-the-art software, with the Siemens quality seal.


3D Multiphysics Simulation

Âncora 1

Inspect finite elements


Comprehensive mesh generation

FE mount management

A multi-CAE solver

Meshing 1, 2 and 3D (manual/auto.)

Composite materials 

Basic fluid simulation

Thermal simulation


Âncora 2

1D Systems Simulation

Âncora 3


Simulation of fluid systems

Eng. of thermofluid systems

Simulation of the propulsion system

System integration

Piping systems

Connection to PLM, CAD and IoT

Cost reduction

Project acceleration

Extensive library and database

Model based design


Systems simulation

Performance optimization

Multiphysics libraries

Virtual prototyping

Mechanical and electrical systems

Fluid and propulsion systems

Thermal management systems

ROM builder

System integration

Coupling with CAD software

Simulation and  Electromagnetic Design


Low frequency simulation

AC electromagnetic simulations

Hotspot analysis

Virtual prototyping

Advanced material modeling

Effects of hysteresis embedding

Modeling of circuits and systems

Electric Field Simulations

Electromag Movement Simulation.

Transient simulation


Electric motor design

 Electric motor winding

Importable engine profiles

FEA automation

Thermal analysis of the engine

Performance analysis

Extensive template export

Model based interface

Automated typical operations

Hassle-free customization


Electric machine design

2D magnetostatic analysis

Includes theoretical and physical models

Link to multiphysics software

Supports various machine types

Exploration and Optimization

Automated design space

Model based design

Model based design

Integration with HEEDS

Âncora 4

Otimização Multidisciplinar 

Âncora 5


Interface design and optimization

Integration to all CAD/CAE

Process automation

Distributed execution



Efficient search

Insight & Discovery

Performance comparison

Digital twin

Design CAD / ECAD

Âncora 6


Intuitive design environment

Define, reuse and validate

Generative Engineering

Integrated simulation and manufacturing

Electromechanical design

Collaborative processes

Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Mold and die design

Electrode design

Reverse engineering

Solid Edge (1)2.png

Multi CAD platform

Design, simulation and manufacturing

Synchronous and Ordered Technology

2D/3D, sheet metal and assembly

PCB design


Additive/subtractive manufacturing

Automatic template correction

Structural/fluid dynamic analysis

Reverse engineering


Wiring project

Electrical whip

Electrical routing

Simulation of electrical systems

Collaborative PCB design

2D control panel layout

Electrical/mechanical integration

Robust library

Adjustable and reusable layout

Sync with Teamcenter

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