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Engenharia de Materiais

Materials Engineering

In product innovation, it is necessary to resort to advanced materials to reduce weight, increase strength and improve efficiency. However, the time and cost to develop and certify a new material can be prohibitively high, resulting in slower adoption of these new materials. Furthermore, advanced materials often behave in ways that are difficult to predict, resulting in more time and higher costs to bring new products to market. Simcenter offers softwaremultiscale material simulation tools to help you identify where, when, and why a material might fail at the microstructural level. The performance at the microscale level of the material is then linked to the overall performance of the part and system using that material. Simcenter also helps engineers optimize their material to avoid failure and achieve desired performance. Using Simcenter, engineers can bring new materials to market faster, at lower cost, and with more confidence that their design will perform as expected.

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​Automatic Microstructure Generation

Manufacturing variability and imperfections

​Multiscale material modeling

In the quest to make products lighter and stronger, manufacturers are increasing the use of composite materials. Simcenter is at the forefront of composite analysis through the continuous development of material models and element types. Simcenter accelerates the entire laminated composite simulation process through a seamless connection to composite design, accurate solvers, and comprehensive post-processing.

Automatically generate the geometry and mesh of your microstructural models. You can also quickly and easily apply multiple loading scenarios to gain insight into material performance under different conditions.

Simcenter considers variability and manufacturing imperfections to maximize product reliability. Import process-induced variation data and automatically convert it to microscale, including volume fraction and fiber orientation tensors to simulate injection molded parts. 

Simcenter allows you to zoom into the material's microstructure to identify the root cause of failure and see what damage mechanisms affect structural performance. Optimize your material microstructure for more cost-effective performance. 

Simcenter 3D is a complete, fully integrated product performance CAE solution for complex, multidisciplinary engineering. With advanced 3D modeling capabilities and simulation solvers that cover a wide range of physics, Simcenter 3D helps you gain better insight into your product's overall performance. This is achieved through a fully integrated and managed yet open environment where you perform all pre and post CAE processing on CAD data from any source for Simcenter and third party solvers . Connected to the digital space, engineers and analysts can collaborate on a platform that accommodates all aspects of functional performance. Click here to learn more.

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