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Combine simulation and the digital twin for automation design across the entire value chain to test and optimize machines, production cells and production lines in virtual environments before building and using them in practice.

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Simulation seamlessly integrated with automation

Concrete benefits at all levels

Factory level

Line level

Machine level

Siemens automation simulation is your ideal gateway to digital transformation. Thanks to this modular portfolio, companies can approach simulation step by step, focus on the areas that are most important to them, and benefit from the start. Simulation provides the ideal basis for interdisciplinary cooperation between mechanical, electrical and automation engineering. The seamless integration of the Digital Enterprise portfolio 's hardware and software offering , openness and continual addition of new functions ensure an investment that will remain viable well into the future. 

Whether at the machine, cell, line or factory level, simulation for automation allows you to exploit the benefits of simulation.

At the factory level, simulations reduce time to production start, increase flexibility and improve performance. This guarantees that the previously defined production targets are achieved. The production performance of a manufacturing facility largely depends on the concept of higher level automation and an optimal material flow.

Make production lines available faster. In the area of ​​cells or manufacturing lines, simulation supports the development and optimization of automated and robot-based production systems.
The development and optimization of automated production systems involves complex workflows and typically one or more robotic systems.

In mechanical engineering, simulation reduces development times, improves the quality of machines, increases their performance and reduces the need for expensive prototypes.

  • Validate machine design and kinematics: A large number of machines are based on complex mechanics and motion sequences. This can lead to major challenges in the development process.

  • Validate the automation program: Optimize the automation program, considering the behavior of electrical components.

  • Improve operator training in a virtual environment:  Simulation provides a realistic training environment for operators without a real machine.

  • Optimize machine controls: In addition to mechanics, multiphysics systems such as pressure, temperature and torques also play an important role. Optimizing these systems makes a significant contribution to efficient operation.

  • Validate security features: Validate the security program in combination with the standard automation program. Simulate all safety-relevant PLC program components for component or system behavior. Run machine simulation in a virtual environment, without the need for real prototypes to validate safety behavior.

Simcenter Amesim enables the execution of system simulations in order to evaluate and optimize the performance of mechatronic and multiphysics systems in a virtual environment.

NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.

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