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Modern, adaptable and personalized engineering

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Implementation and Technical Support

Increase the competitiveness and innovation capacity of your engineering team with the most complete line of software tools for computer simulation from SIEMENS Digital Industries.

We assist our clients in all stages of the implementation process of a high performance CAE structure in their engineering, working from hardware selection, software selection , indication of qualified professionals, training, teaching and elaboration of procedures and good practices of work tailored specifically to meet your company's engineering objectives and ROI goals.

Thus, we value periodic service in a dedicated and personalized manner, with constant alignment on new applications for using the tools available, expanding the potential obtained from the investment.

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Advanced Consulting

We perform advanced engineering consulting services to solve complex industrial problems, with a team of experienced specialists supported by the best CAE tools on the market.


We work with the development of products and equipment, as well as carrying out studies aimed at reducing Capital Costs and Operating Costs of industrial projects, proprietary engineering, research, development and innovation in industrial processes, integrity analyzes and increased operational reliability of production assets.


Product Design

Count on a group of qualified consultants who help and also execute any of the stages of the design process, virtual prototyping, optimizations and specifications for manufacturing in several areas. Our team always works with a focus on cost reduction, optimization of development cycles, validations and performance improvement in both products and processes.


Still within the scope of product design, we work very flexibly at different times in the R&D process, whether in feasibility tests for innovative projects, or in economic and financial analyses; in addition to improvements in mechanical and electrical reliability, failure modes, critical operating scenarios, functionality requirements, material selection and studies of constructive forms. In other words, our service fully uses the support of modern digitalization methodologies and interdisciplinary engineering knowledge.

Our services

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