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Retrospective 2023 - Part 1

🚀 Review the Best Moments of 2023

Embark with CAEXPERTS on this journey through the 2023 retrospective, remembering the posts that sparked the passion for innovation and technology. Divided into two parts, this retrospective reveals the standout moments that shaped the engineering and simulation landscape. Prepare to be inspired and amazed by the incredible advancements that marked 2023.

Let's go to Part 1 of our TOP 10 of 2023!

Celera surprised us with a super interesting case study, delving into the challenges faced in optimizing high-power LED luminaires. Explore the innovative solutions that have emerged from advanced thermal simulation, including material substitution and the surprising strategy with graphite blankets. This reading is an invitation to unveil behind the scenes of innovation in lighting efficiency using Simcenter FLOEFD.

In ninth position, dive into the universe of Generative Design, where algorithms based on artificial intelligence intertwine with CAD and CAE platforms. Discover how Siemens redefines product optimization and scaling, taking inspiration from the perfection of nature's organic forms. An odyssey through innovation driven by artificial intelligence.

In eighth place, we enter the exciting universe of "Model-Based Systems Engineering" with Siemens' Xcelerator portfolio. Uncover the mysteries behind how Siemens Xcelerator simplifies collaboration between engineers, designers and simulation experts. Simulation workflows become the backbone of efficiency from product conception to operation, a true revolution in modern engineering.

Explore the smooth journey between different CAD tools with Solid Edge. Eliminate data migration worries by adopting this software, which offers two standard ways of migration at no additional cost. From directly opening a wide variety of file formats to advanced batch migration tools, Solid Edge is the guardian of project preservation and continuity engineering.

We uncover the behind-the-scenes of the Sirius project, a technological success story from CNPEM (National Center for Research in Energy and Materials). This advanced particle accelerator, a global reference in scientific research, used magnetic modeling with Siemens' Simcenter MAGNET software to develop a superbend with permanent magnet technology. This innovation is crucial for electron guidance and synchronous light emission, consolidating CNPEM's commitment to cutting-edge technologies. A fascinating journey through the confines of Brazilian scientific research.

We have concluded the first part of this incredible retrospective of the year 2023 for CAEXPERTS. Each post shared was an informative journey, reflecting our commitment to excellence, innovation and advancement in engineering and simulation.

The CAEXPERTS team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! 🌟 May this new year bring much prosperity, success and achievements to you. We look forward to continuing our journey together in 2024. Best wishes everyone! 🎉🎆 Improve your engineering in 2024! Schedule a meeting now with CAEXPERTS and discover how we can drive innovation in your projects. Turn challenges into opportunities. Click the button below to schedule your meeting and take the next step towards success. Don't miss the chance to turn your vision into reality!

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