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Do you know the Resistance and Durability workflow of Simcenter 3D?

Durability Wizard

Full integration of strength and fatigue with finite elements

Reducing the burden on durability experts

Analyzing strength and fatigue can be complex, but now there are tools that can streamline this process. It is possible to install various workflows for different groups and applications, starting with the existing models in Simcenter 3D, which encompass different strength and fatigue methodologies. These models are widely used today.

However, it is important to note that there is always room for improvement. If some users in your company have provided feedback stating that the workflows are functioning well and producing the necessary results, but the Simcenter Specialist Durability tool seems to be geared only towards experts, it indicates that it is not being fully utilized. Many colleagues only use it when they need to sign off on their projects.

You know that the tool is useful when looking at stress results, as it adds the influence of material strength to the stress result and immediately provides a meaningful result, namely the degree of utilization that the current project has.

Getting involved

Durability Wizard

The new SIEMENS tool is called The Strength and Durability Wizard. It is a tool that automatically connects to existing finite element results and pre-selects the active solution when there are multiple options. Additionally, the tool also pre-selects the type of load based on the solution, i.e., which type of load cycle should be analyzed: block load for single linear results or a transient series of results for non-linear results. With these pre-selections, you usually only need to verify this step. Tool tips at each step provide direct support to your workflow.

Durability Wizard

In Simcenter 3D, you will find the pre-selections of the strength and fatigue assistant. In the second step, you can choose the type of analysis: strength, life, or stress-life. Here, pre-selection is also used to prepare the method parameters.

Durability Wizard

Next, you can check the material or estimate fatigue parameters. All that is required of you is to press the "solve" button to make the post-processing available on the same page.

Durability Wizard

In the end, you will see that you can reduce your workflow descriptions to a few mouse clicks and be confident that even non-regular users will feel comfortable with the workflow.

Durability Wizard

Useful resources

The tool is fully integrated with the Simcenter Specialist Durability tool. This means that a durability solution is created in the simulation file as soon as an analysis with the assistant is created and run.

Strength Analysis

This can now be edited by the Assistant and the full durability tool.

Therefore, we can easily enhance a strength analysis to a fatigue analysis using the assistant. Simcenter not only remembers that a particular solution was created by the assistant so that you can edit it with the assistant, but also cloned solutions inherit this property.

Strength Analysis

Thus, with just a few clicks, mainly to change the analysis type and restart the solve.

Durability Wizard

We can obtain all the results and analyze the fatigue behavior. We can even use our internal post-processing templates automatically.

Durability Wizard

And since the assistant is fully integrated with the full durability environment, we can also start with an assistant-based analysis and add all the features that the durability tool offers.

Specialist Durability Wizard

All of this will save a lot of time when creating new models and workflows. And for those who take pride in the reports they provide, they will be pleased to know that the produced results are in the same format as durability results. This means that you can now use the full set of post-processing tools. Additionally, an image created in the assistant is automatically created in the post-processing scenario.

More usability for the specialist tool as well

Resistance and durability experts will identify a series of minor yet beneficial improvements. As you explore the software, you discover the new models that allow you to select the results of the most useful functions. This functionality resembles the definition and selection of analysis models, being extremely helpful for your daily tasks. The predefined models reduce the need for additional clicks and shorten your workflows with different workgroups.


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