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What's new in HEEDS 2310?

HEEDS 2310

The launch of HEEDS 2310 brings new and updated technology designed to speed up and streamline your optimization and design space exploration journey. With a significant focus on accelerating speed without compromising accuracy, this release marks a significant advancement in achieving optimal design results. Additionally, the integration of advanced AI capabilities and seamless data management functionalities ensure a progressive and intuitive experience for users across multiple industries and applications.

Read on to discover how these new HEEDS capabilities, like new AI integration, data import improvements, and refined portal version management, will lead you to discover better designs, even faster!

Go Faster: HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor

HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor is a revolutionary feature of the HEEDS 2310 – a performance booster for SHERPA. HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor is a companion module for HEEDS, powering SHERPA with AI to enhance its state-of-the-art research technology to operate at even greater speeds. This accelerator is aimed at HEEDS users looking to streamline their search processes for time-consuming CAE analyzes or when time-consuming optimizations need to be performed.

HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor empowers users, enabling precision-aware AI as part of the hybrid-adaptive research framework, to actively learn and improve current research, as well as learn for future design processes. Provides a significant reduction in project optimization time while maintaining the same project budget where applicable. Comparable results to SHERPA are possible, with additional potential for even faster performance. The best just got even better! Save up to 40% in computational time for time-consuming optimizations! Furthermore, this new technology allows the reuse of previous data, providing valuable information for the design of new products and systems, ultimately saving time and costs.

You don't need AI experience – this cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, accelerating computationally intensive CAE simulations around the SHERPA research framework. HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor allows you to complete tasks faster or run more simulations in the same period of time. In either case, by leveraging HEEDS you can now discover better designs, even faster!

Explore the possibilities: HEEDS POST improvements

Importing external HEEDS POST data into the HEEDS 2310 streamlines design decisions by seamlessly integrating external data into the postprocessor. This versatile feature allows you to immediately import or append data, leveraging HEEDS POST post-processing techniques without the need for a HEEDS project .

With this release, HEEDS POST becomes a standalone data analysis and post-processing tool for working with data from anywhere. Facilitate data mining, gain insights and discoveries, report your findings, export your learnings, and generate reduced order templates for HEEDS MDO or external use. This expansion to easily incorporate data from non-HEEDS project sources extends data applicability support, empowering informed engineering decisions and revealing valuable insights for robust projects.

Stay integrated: HEEDS portal versions

Interface portal HEEDS 2310

In HEEDS 2310 , process automation takes a leap forward with the introduction of portal versions. HEEDS is recognized for its process automation capabilities, anchored in portal technology, which automates the parameterization, execution and extraction of results from simulation tool models.

Configuring portals in HEEDS is a simple task, just specify the location of your tool and the main options for your workflow. However, what if you are dealing with multiple versions of the same tool or have different versions on various computing resources?

HEEDS 2310 addresses these issues, with a simplified solution through support for portal versioning. Easily configure any tool version for local and remote execution, define specific versions for chosen compute resources, and quickly deploy the required version. Now with portal-specific version specification across multiple features, it's easier than ever to incorporate your tools into simple and complex workflows.

This feature gives you the flexibility to select the appropriate version of the portal for your workflow and computing resource, simplifying your workflow with computing resources.


HEEDS 2310 was created to revolutionize your engineering design journey in a way that is not just an improvement, but a true game changer! Go faster by leveraging the power of SHERPA and AI acceleration. Explore possibilities by unlocking expanded data capabilities to discover valuable insights. Stay integrated by simplifying portal management to streamline your workflow with your computing resources.

Discover better designs, even faster, with HEEDS 2310 !


Harness the power of AI with HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor, simplify your data analysis with HEEDS POST, and optimize your workflow with HEEDS portal releases. Schedule a meeting with us at CAEXPERTS to discover how the new features in this revolutionary release can accelerate your optimization and design processes. Don't miss the opportunity to discover better designs, even faster. Get in touch now to schedule your meeting and boost your engineering journey!

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