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Webinar: Performance Improvement in Effluent Treatment

The webinar " Performance Improvement in Effluent Treatment " was held on December 20, 2022 and was aimed at directors, managers and engineers involved in the design, development and manufacture of equipment and facilities for the treatment of effluents, as well as managers of industrial plants, HSE, energy and operational efficiency or capacity expansion. The event was taught by Ricardo Damian , CTO of CAEXPERTS .

During the webinar , it was discussed what engineering digitization is and how it can be applied to solving problems in wastewater treatment. Examples were presented of how CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) can help solve problems such as stoppages, bottlenecks, instability and inefficiency, as well as to improve the performance of equipment and effluent treatment processes, increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs. operational. It was also discussed how the digitization of engineering can be used to overcome new paradigms in engineering, explore the possibilities of integrating technologies and boost companies' innovation and competitiveness.

The webinar also presented examples of CAE applications in various equipment and effluent treatment processes, both for manufacturers and for existing systems, highlighting the impacts, results achieved and return on investment. CAEXPERTS was also presented as a company specializing in the digitalization of engineering and how it can help companies take advantage of technology. The webinar concluded by inviting the audience to learn more about how to boost their capacity for innovation and competitiveness with the support of the digitalization of engineering.

The webinar was held online and was completely free. The recording is available on the CAEXPERTS YouTube channel , and can be seen in full below:

CAEXPERTS will host periodic webinars , visit the CAEXPERTS profile on LinkedIn for more information and be sure to subscribe!

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