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Tackle Complex CFD Workflows – Master the Stages

Car in a simulation

Siemens is expanding the automation capabilities and simulation intelligence available in its Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2310 software by introducing the concept of Stages.

But what are these stages? You've heard of life stages, theater stages, Tour de France stages... but what about stages in a CFD simulation to combat low productivity, configuration errors, inconsistency!?

Well, when you think about the concept, they are quite similar.

Stages – manage multiple physics configurations in a single simulation

Stages in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ allow you to have multiple physical configurations in a single simulation. Now you can prepare different objects in the simulation tree and these objects can have different settings at each stage. Objects that are not staged maintain the same values ​​at all stages. With stages, we are unlocking more end-to-end automated workflows and further reducing the need for Java macros.

Harness the power of Vehicle Thermal Management Internships

To make things a little more concrete, look at an example of what you can do with internships.

This video sheds more light on how internships work and what they can do. In the example shown, sections of the configuration of a thermal immersion for a vehicle thermal management case are analyzed. When a car stops after running at a constant speed, the solid parts under the hood follow different cooling/heating patterns. Now you can simulate this scenario in a simulation file without using Java macros or other tricks. For example, in one stage you can simulate the solids as steady state and provide a value for the tangential ground velocity, in the other stage you can simulate the solids as implicitly unstable and set the tangential ground velocity to fixed. Thanks to the easy workflow, stages allow you to quickly automate sophisticated simulation steps.

Create as many stages as you need

When you create the first stage, help arrives: the stage tree opens automatically (here all stage objects will be visible) and a dedicated toolbar appears in the upper right corner of the simulation tree window.

Quick and easy, just press the flag icon next to the object to mount it. The objects that can be staged are, for example: different physical models, conditions, but also other configurations. Depending on the stage, you can have different solver configurations.

Pro tip: Use the stage tree and toolbar to quickly spot differences between stages. In the stage tree, use the 2 different views; one showing just the staged objects and the other showing where they are in the tree. Use this to check your final configuration for each stage.

Combine stages simply and efficiently

Simulation steps and operations enable fast and consistent management of complicated simulation sequences. You can now manage complete stages of simulation configurations and orchestrate their execution without manual intervention or Java macros, and by leveraging the simulation guide and simulation models to share these workflows with your colleagues, in a single simulation model file.

Steps in Action – 3D Battery Cell Design

Another great example that leverages these automation abilities is the recently released 3D battery cell design feature. The model uses a powerful combination of simulation stages and operations to model complete battery operating cycles. For example, when a battery reaches a certain voltage during charging, a constant current will no longer increase the state of charge (SOC), so the charger will switch to a constant voltage strategy to achieve a 100% SOC.

The stages now enable a seamless setup for constant current to constant voltage simulation, automatically switching the current threshold condition from current to potential based on a criteria and therefore capturing this load cycle with ease.


Maximize your CFD simulations with Stages in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2310 . Easily manage multiple physical configurations in a single simulation, reducing dependency on Java macros. Quickly create and combine stages to streamline your workflows. Schedule a meeting with CAEXPERTS now and transform your simulations! 

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The Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2310 brings an impressive advance in computational simulation, excelling in battery modeling, thermal and aerovibroacoustic simulations, as well as automation and GPU efficiency. Facilitated by Simcenter Cloud HPC, it promotes innovation and product development, with support from CAEXPERTS.

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