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Solid Edge: Designed to grow your business.

Solid Edge has an intelligent, accessible and easy-to-use multi CAD interface, dealing not only with modeling in a simple and agile way – due to the synchronous technology applied –, but also with the entire process of developing products and 3D projects, simulation, manufacturing, reverse engineering, data management, among others, without neglecting the flexibility and parametric control of the projects.

Synchronous technology

Solid Edge integrates synchronous and ordered technology, so that modeling becomes simple and fast, maintaining control and parameterization of projects and products, even when imported from other software .


Dimension parameterization allows for greater and more organized control, in a spreadsheet format, of the dimensions of a given draft or modeled part. It is possible to rename the variables, change them, add rules, limit intervals and formulas to their values, among other functionalities. It is also possible to integrate the Solid Edge variable table with Excel spreadsheets in a simple and fast way.

A complete producr development portfolio

Solid Edge is a portfolio of accessible, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process. Solid Edge combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design – thanks to synchronous technology.

Library migration

There are two main tools that assist in transitioning files from other CAD software to Solid Edge:

1. Open several individual files directly in Solid Edge:

  • Used for individual parts, assemblies, and technical drawings;

Based on Solid Edge's "File Open" command.

2. Advanced Migration Tool:

Used for mass conversion of parts, assemblies and drawings, from Autodesk Inventor®, Solidworks® and PTC Creo® Elements/Direct® software, maintaining the link between entities – it even maintains connections between 3D and 2D files;

The migration tool is included and is automatically installed with Solid Edge Classic.

NOTE: For advanced migration, a license for the software to be converted and Solid Edge is required.

After migration, using Synchronous technology, simply click and drag to modify the models.

  • Add and edit dimensions quickly, with just a few clicks;

  • Get fully editable templates available.

(Learn more about library migration by clicking here )

CFD Simulations

The integration of CFD simulation with FloEFD allows thermal, fluid dynamics and optical analysis that, integrated with parameterizable models, make it possible to simulate different versions of the product with variations between them, providing an organized data analysis and project optimization.

FloEFD Simulation Capabilities

Photorealism – KeyShot

Designed to facilitate 3D rendering, Solid Edge also features KeyShot, which allows you to quickly apply materials and lighting, creating photorealistic aspects in a simple and powerful interface that provides advanced features and the ability to track changes in real time.


Want to know even more about Solid Edge? Click here!

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