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Simcenter E-Machine Design

Accelerate, innovate and optimize your electrical machine design process

Simcenter E-Machine Design

Introducing Simcenter E-Machine Design Software

Engineers and engineering managers often face major challenges in the world of electrical machine design. Product development can seem to take years, prototypes are carefully built and tested, and costs often exceed budgets. Furthermore, size, weight and sustainability targets are becoming increasingly strict. But now they have a solution to their problems, a solution that can transform their design process and propel them to success.

Siemens is proud to announce Simcenter E-Machine Design, building on the best of Simcenter SPEED , Simcenter Motorsolve and Simcenter MAGNET to replicate experiments with electrical machines. Simcenter E-Machine Design is designed to connect electrical machine V-cycle parts and fulfill Simcenter's vision to help companies reduce product development time from the typical 3-4 years to less than two years. Imagine the possibility of skipping one or more physical prototypes!

Simcenter E-Machine Design software is a simulation tool that accelerates the design process, validates designs upfront with multiphysics simulations, and strikes the perfect balance between performance and cost. This was the answer you were waiting for.

The Caracteristics

But what sets Simcenter E-Machine Design apart? Let's dive into its features:

First, Simcenter E-Machine Design uses a model-based design approach. Engineers can leverage predefined models tailored specifically for electrical machines and can design hundreds of machines virtually without being FE experts. This not only reduces design time but also allows them to think outside the box and optimize their creations.

Second, Simcenter E-Machine Design relies on virtual multiphysics validation. Engineers can perform simulations early in the design phase, anticipating potential failure modes and ensuring robust performance. The thermal performance of the engine is the center of attention, as temperature can make or break its reliability and useful life. As Toshiba Motors says, “temperature kills engines” and this is because knowing that a mere increase of 10 degrees can halve the life expectancy of a machine.

With this tool, engineers can predict and mitigate overheating issues by running fast electrothermal simulations in a single tool.

Comparison of engine temperatures, with and without cooling.

Comparison of engine temperatures, with and without cooling.

Don’t get lost with axial flow machines…

And there's one more interesting part: Simcenter E-Machine Design now includes an Axial Flux machine module. This module has unique features allowing engineers to predict the performance of axial flow machines in seconds. Thanks to the combination of interface models on the input side and analytical analysis capabilities on the output side, engineers can quickly harness the power of axial flow machines. These machines are being investigated in many industries because the ability to stack them has the potential to significantly increase performance. Users can now evaluate axial versus radial flow alternatives and assess whether higher power densities can be achieved. Many believe that these machines could shape the future of electric mobility.

Additionally, Simcenter E-Machine Design allows engineers to validate the electrical machine within the transmission system by integrating it into the Simcenter portfolio. Being able to digitally integrate your components allows you to reach the physical prototype stage with greater confidence, avoiding costly failures.

The three examples of this integration that bring the most value to our partners are:

System Integration: Optimizing the electrical machine within the system is the only way to achieve the next level of efficiency and take your electrical application to the next level. Simcenter E-Machine Design allows you to create accurate reduced order models (ROMS) that integrate with Simcenter AMESIM for mechatronics simulation. If you are interested in drive-motor integration, you can also embed your ROMs in the Xpedition software or PartQuest Explore software.

System integration

Thermal Integration: To increase efficiency and performance, engineers continue to explore increasingly complex cooling strategies. The more complex the cooling, the more essential simulation becomes to validate that everything works as planned. That's why Simcenter E-Machine Design helps you leverage your model and build detailed multi-physics solutions in Simcenter STAR-CCM+.

Mechanical integration: In particular, validating the NVH performance of the machine, gearbox and casing can be a nightmare. Classical approaches that do not take into account the integration between electromagnetic charges and transmission continue to prove insufficient. That's why Simcenter helps you accurately replicate the integrated e-drive and review the system's NVH. You can test and correlate your results with the physical system.

Considering the effect of electromagnetic charges propagating through the transmission and housing allows for a more accurate check of the e-drive's NVH.

Considering the effect of electromagnetic charges propagating through the transmission and housing allows for a more accurate check of the e-drive's NVH.


Don't wait any longer to optimize your electrical machine projects! Schedule a meeting with CAEXPERTS now and discover how Simcenter E-Machine Design can speed up your design process, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Let's work together to drive the success of your project. Contact us to schedule your meeting!

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