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Simcenter 3D – Motion Simulation

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a wide range of modeling and simulation solutions to help engineers understand and predict the functional behavior of mechanisms. One of the existing tools in Simcenter 3D is Simcenter 3D Motion Simulation, which provides a series of modules intended to increase design confidence and reduce risk. Let's explore these modules concisely:

Simcenter 3D Motion Simulation

Simcenter 3D Motion is an integrated part of the broader Simcenter 3D multidisciplinary simulation environment . It offers capabilities for advanced quasi-static, kinematic, and dynamic analysis. This solution helps engineers evaluate the performance of mechanisms, increasing confidence in the project by being able to measure forces, torques and reactions in operating situations of the mechanisms that govern the project.

Accuracy in Predicting Mechanism Behavior

Simcenter 3D Motion provides accurate results for reaction forces, displacements, velocities, and accelerations for rigid and flexible bodies.

Platform for Multidisciplinary Simulation

Simcenter 3D Motion is part of an integrated multidisciplinary simulation environment. It allows the integration of motion simulations with other disciplines, with the possibility of integrating measured force data to perform finite element analysis and flexible body analysis.

Solution for Designers and Analysts

Simcenter 3D Motion is flexible enough to serve both designers and analysts. Analysts can create mechanism models from scratch, while designers can quickly convert CAD models into functional motion models, saving modeling time.

Systems and Controls Integration

Simcenter 3D can be integrated with leading control design tools and supports model switching and cosimulation methods to solve mechanical system equations simultaneously with controller or actuator equations. This helps you understand how the controls will affect the overall performance of the engine.

Industry Applications

Simcenter 3D Motion is useful in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial machinery, electronics, and consumer products. It helps understand the behavior of complex mechanical systems, such as vehicle suspensions, automatic door mechanisms and electronic control systems.

Specific Modules

Additionally, Simcenter 3D Motion offers a variety of specialized modules. Below, we present a summary of these modules and their respective characteristics:

Simcenter 3D Motion Modeling

This module provides multibody pre- and post-processing capabilities to model, evaluate, and optimize mechanisms. It is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery and electronics to study the kinematics and dynamics of products during their development.

Simcenter 3D Motion Solver

Simcenter 3D Motion Solver helps engineers predict and understand the functional behavior of parts and assemblies. It offers complete capabilities for dynamic, static, and kinematic motion simulation.

Simcenter 3D Motion Systems and Controls

This module helps mechanical engineers predict how control systems affect mechanisms and allows them to optimize mechatronic system designs. It offers a library of control modeling elements and is compatible with MATLAB and Simulink environments.

Simcenter 3D Motion Flexible Body

Simcenter 3D Motion Flexible Body increases the accuracy of multibody models by considering component deformations during motion simulation. It allows you to combine multibody simulation technology with a representation of body flexibility.

Simcenter 3D Motion Flexible Body Advanced

This module extends flexible modeling by automating the process of transforming existing geometry into a flexible body for motion analysis. It also allows you to model constraints and contact forces applied to flexible bodies.

Simcenter 3D Motion Standard Tire

Simcenter 3D Motion Standard Tire allows you to model forces generated by pneumatic tires in contact with the road, including resulting moments. This is essential for analysis of drivability and driving comfort.

Simcenter 3D Motion CD Tire

This module offers a family of tire models developed by ITWM Fraunhofer. It is suitable for simulating tires of different vehicles, providing accurate analysis of tire behavior.

Simcenter Tire

Allows accurate modeling of tire behavior and analysis of vehicle performance, directional stability and braking distance. It helps engineers analyze vehicle behavior efficiently.

Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain

This module is dedicated to the simulation of transmission elements, facilitating the creation of detailed models of transmissions and gear systems.

Simcenter 3D Motion TWR

Simcenter 3D Motion TWR enables the construction of virtual test equipment for frequency and system response analysis. It is useful for simulations involving equipment without physical components.

Simcenter 3D Motion Real-Time Solver

This module provides the ability to integrate Simcenter 3D Motion models into real-time platforms, reusing models in real time and accelerating analysis and design experiments.

Simcenter 3D Flexible Pipe Standard Beam

Dedicated to piping simulation, this module allows you to simulate assembly scenarios and calculate initial positions, operating positions and forces/moments inside the pipes.

Simcenter 3D Flexible Pipe Standard Shell

Similar to the previous one, this module is also used to simulate piping, but with a focus on validating designs and checking collisions.

Simcenter 3D Flexible Pipe Linear Dynamic

Allows calculation of eigenmodes and harmonic response of flexible pipes, using beam FEM or shell FEM calculation methods.

Simcenter 3D Flexible Pipe Nonlinear Dynamic

This module allows the analysis of non-linear movement of flexible tubes, being useful for dealing with complex situations.

Simcenter 3D Flexible Pipe Optimization

It is an extension that allows you to carry out parametric studies and optimize the position and orientation of components to obtain more efficient and economical designs.

Simcenter 3D Flexible Electric Cables and Wire Harness option

This module is used to calculate electrical harnesses and wires. It helps in accurate designing of harnesses


Simcenter 3D Motion Simulation from Siemens Digital Industries Software is a powerful tool for engineers who want to increase confidence in mechanism design and reduce risk. With a variety of specialized modules and advanced features, it offers a complete platform for motion modeling and simulation in a variety of industrial applications.


See some direct applications in the video below that demonstrates how to transfer Motion loads to pre/post:

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