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Introducing Simcenter System Analyst

Simcenter System Analyst is a collaborative solution that creates industry-specific applications to drive system simulation models in collaborative environments to increase model use in actual product development. Empower your project teams with a system variant performance assessment tool that requires no computer-aided engineering (CAE) experience. With this solution, design engineers can efficiently focus on evaluating and analyzing the performance of mechatronic systems while decreasing the cost of model development. CAE experts are standardizing and sharing their system simulation models and submodel libraries with project teams. Complexity is hidden in Simcenter System Analyst's simple GUI, eliminating the need to rework submodels when connecting Simcenter Amesim, Modelica, FMUs, or Simulink submodels. Address a variety of performance attributes and ensure system simulation model continuity.

Simcenter System Analyst capabilities include:

  • Define, share and track system variants: End users can easily define their system variants from the predefined variants available in the company database, modifying components as needed.

  • Quickly create system variant management and simulation tools: CAE experts define model architectures with Simcenter Amesim, Modelica, or Simcenter System Architect, importing them into Simcenter System Analyst with associated submodel libraries.

  • Multi-Criteria Batch Analysis Tool: End users can perform multiple runs in parallel to explore various system variants, using HEEDS software as a complementary tool to conduct the Exploration Project.

  • Gather and deploy your enterprise knowledge: CAE experts can reuse or create Python pre/post-processing scripts to generate enterprise-specific pre/post models by importing existing validated models and submodel libraries created with Simcenter Amesim, Modelica, FMUs or Simulink.

Address a variety of performance attributes while ensuring system simulation model continuity

Electrification and control augmentation strategies expand system and architectural complexity. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers need to quickly evaluate numerous variants to meet local market specifics without compromising quality and performance. Systems simulation provides the answer to these challenges. Design engineers need a fast, easy-to-use solution to perform multi-variant analysis to evaluate design options and balance the performance of mechatronic systems.

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers Simcenter™ System Analyst software, a collaborative solution that creates industry-specific applications to drive systems simulation models.

Running variant analysis in an easy-to-use simulation environment

Simcenter System Analyst is a versatile platform designed for design engineers or program engineers. It is a multi-industry platform that can be deployed by automotive and transportation, aerospace or heavy equipment companies, integrating system simulation model architectures and libraries into a database. Easy to use even for design engineers without CAE skills, Simcenter System Analyst allows you to quickly configure simulation models. Instead of directly assembling and configuring simulation models, engineers select system architectures, components, and scenarios from the database. A multi-attribute analysis can be configured with just a few clicks, allowing design teams to evaluate hundreds of system variations in an easy-to-use environment with customized pre- and post-processing.

With Simcenter System Analyst, design engineers can focus on matching technology to end product requirements rather than creating models.

Deploying a simulation factory

Simcenter System Analyst completes a broader system simulation factory scenario. To help deal with complexity, systems architects prepare model and library architectures as well as specific pre- and post-processing before deployment to the database and handoff to system analysts such as design engineers or program engineers. System architects standardize models and structure the system simulation framework for design engineers' analysis activities.

Model architectures can be prepared with Simcenter Amesim software or Simcenter™ System Architect software. The Simcenter System Analyst tool-independent simulation framework supports model libraries based on Simcenter Amesim, Simulink, or any other tool that supports the Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) standard.

In the context of deploying large systems simulation, Simcenter System Analyst is essential for deploying a simulation factory across your enterprise. Through easy-to-use system simulation processes, Simcenter System Analyst helps expand model use across your entire project team.

For more information about Simcenter System Analyst, watch the video:


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