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FORAN: The Revolution in Naval Design

Projeto Navio FORAN

CAEXPERTS, a specialist in advanced engineering and computer simulation, is revolutionizing the naval industry in partnership with SIEMENS, which acquired FORAN technology.

Acquisition of FORAN by Siemens: The Xcelerator Maritime Solution

Siemens, a global technology leader, has acquired FORAN technology to create a comprehensive solution for the marine industry. This strategic partnership fills crucial gaps for shipyards around the world, offering everything from increased lifecycle management to more innovative design processes. FORAN is now part of Siemens Xcelerator, establishing itself as the market CAD/CAE/CAM standard for the marine industry.

Complete Solution: From Conceptual Design to Production

By integrating FORAN with Siemens Xcelerator, the resulting solution covers all aspects of the marine industry, from conceptual design to final production. Rafael de Gongora, Senior Director of Naval Construction at Siemens, highlights that this collaboration offers a unique and complete solution for shipyards, driving innovation and efficiency.

Siemens' Xcelerator marine solution is a winning solution for the market. It is a unique solution capable of offering the only combination required by shipyards. This offers a complete solution for our customers.” 

Rafael de Gongora – Senior Director of Naval Construction at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Projeto Navio FORAN

The acquisition of FORAN enhances our maritime digital twin by adding prominent capabilities to our integrated ship design and digital thread engineering solution... By adding FORAN's extensive tools to the Xcelerator portfolio and leveraging the team's industry expertise, we will be able to offer commercial and marine shipbuilding customers better control of their ship design and manufacturing process as they transition to Shipyard 4.0.

Tony Hemmelgarn – CEO and president of Siemens Digital Industries Software.

No Worries for FORAN Customers

Previous FORAN customers can rest assured during this transition as Siemens technology enables the migration of legacy data, ensuring continuity of design, manufacturing and data management. Siemens also offers FORAN customers the opportunity to migrate to the Xcelerator marine solution, providing access to the best software for all their shipbuilding needs.

Projeto Navio FORAN

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

In addition to offering a complete solution, CAEXPERTS and Siemens are aligned with the industry's sustainability ambitions. The Xcelerator marine solution facilitates the transition to greener practices, enabling rapid prototyping, waste elimination and more sustainable ship design, contributing to decarbonization and a greener future.

Foto Navio Real FORAN

Main Industries of the FORAN System:

  • Merchant, Passenger, Ro-ro: FORAN has been successfully used to design ro-ros, passenger ships, bulk carriers, chemical ships, container ships, cement carriers, oil tankers etc.

  • Military: FORAN meets the most demanding requirements of military shipbuilding, offering control over configuration, analysis of design options, interface with PLM tools, advanced form definition capabilities and criteria customization.

  • Specific Vessels: FORAN has been successfully used to design tugs, work boats, hotel boats, trawlers, fish transport boats, oceanographic vessels, etc.

  • Offshore: Widely used in the offshore industry, FORAN is used for floating, anchored and fixed platforms, as well as personnel transport boats, anchor ships, supply ships, rescue boats, firefighting boats and anti-pollution vessels.

Projeto Navio FORAN

Project Phases with FORAN:

  • Initial/Conceptual Project: Volume adjustment, layout definition, hull generation.

  • Basic Project: Quick generation of 3D model, definition of the structure and positioning of equipment.

  • Ship Detail: Detailed definition in all disciplines, with fast and flexible tools.

  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Using the model to extract necessary information adapted to the needs of each shipyard.

  • Operation: Continuous importance during operation for conversions, repairs, etc.


FORAN – Advantages

  • Flexible:  Highly adaptable, it offers customized solutions for shipyards of any size, with a modular structure for flexible and gradual implementation.

  • Ideal for Modeling and Report Production:  Features full 2D drawing functionality and exclusive 3D model capabilities, with efficient management of product information in a single database.

  • Easy to Use:  Simple graphical interface and specific focus on shipbuilding, allowing designers to learn, implement and use easily with minimal support.

  • Reliable:  Generates accurate and reliable information for manufacturing and assembly, contributing to the reduction of material and labor costs.

  • Efficient:  Integration of all disciplines and design phases, reducing costs and improving production quality. Automatically generates personalized purchasing models.

  • Collaborative Engineering:  Facilitates collaboration between shipyards, engineering companies and subcontractors, eliminating risks of incompatibility and simplifying design team coordination.

  • Open:  Simple data exchange with other technical and management systems due to the open structure of the FORAN database and system architecture with standard or customized interfaces.

Embarcação FORAN


FORAN's 3D boat design capabilities are based on specific shipbuilding technology. The system architecture combines an internal modeling and visualization kernel tuned to meet the needs of the shipping industry. The data management system is scalable, reliable and efficient. FORAN supports collaborative engineering in various environments, being able to exchange data in various formats, such as DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, VDA, VRML and XML. It incorporates advanced features to optimize manufacturing and can be customized for any production equipment in the marine industry.


In a scenario where innovation is essential, the partnership between CAEXPERTS and Siemens, with the integration of FORAN into Siemens Xcelerator and the assimilation of this technology in the market, redefines the standards of the naval industry. This collaboration offers a complete solution from conceptual design to production, addressing the specific needs of shipyards around the world.

By adopting FORAN, you have access to a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system that is flexible, adaptable and capable of boosting efficiency in all phases of naval design. From conception to operation, FORAN provides innovation, reliability and sustainability, aligning with the future demands of the industry.

If you are looking to transform your approach to shipbuilding, schedule a meeting with CAEXPERTS now. Discover how advanced engineering and simulation solutions, combined with FORAN technology, can propel your company into the future. Let's shape the next chapter of shipbuilding together. Contact us and start this journey of innovation and efficiency. The future of your company starts here!

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