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Drive vehicle design innovation with Accelerated Product Development

With stricter regulations, type-approval requirements and heavier fines for non-compliance, automotive manufacturers are struggling more than ever to deal with the complexity of vehicle development and remain competitive. Those who want to be at the forefront of the automotive industry must take a new approach to vehicle development.

Manage the complexity of vehicle development with Accelerated Product Development

Automotive manufacturers can take complexity and turn it to their advantage to deliver more innovative design optimization with our accelerated product development solution. Through generative engineering and the exploration of intelligent design, designers and engineers can get designs right the first time, doing more with fewer resources.

Utilize a data backbone that covers the entire vehicle development process

With the Accelerated Product Development solution, automotive manufacturers can leverage a data management backbone that spans the overall vehicle and tool development process in a digital environment. This enables traceability and auditability across all domains with a single source of truth, managing real-time, up-to-date information across the entire ecosystem.

Meet targets and ensure compliance

When a prototype fails, it's usually because internal disciplines are designing with different information, outdated information, or no information at all. To ensure that all systems work together as intended at any point during development, domain teams need to continually collaborate with each other. This collaboration revolves around a single, universally accessible source of information, a digital backbone, that provides up-to-date information on exactly what the product is supposed to do and how it is supposed to work. With this digital backbone, automakers can manage and validate information, track issues and ensure vehicle compliance with regulations, requirements and targets across all domains.

Automatically generate the best design in advance

In traditional automotive development, innovation can be a tedious, expensive, iterative process that allows only limited exploration of design settings before time runs out. Manufacturers can power innovation with a solution that combines CAD and CAE with machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated simulation to quickly generate and evaluate many designs, saving valuable time and resources. This automated process ensures that the winning design incorporates the most competitive features while meeting business goals and vehicle specifications.

Validate products and systems virtually

With Siemens solutions for Accelerated Product Development and consulting from CAEXPERTS, engineering changes in one domain are effortlessly communicated to the rest of the domains. For example, a mechanical system design change would automatically trigger a notification to the electrical, electronic, software, and control systems. Simulation can then be employed to identify and correct cross-domain design errors. Automakers save time and money by validating a digital twin of virtually the entire vehicle before building physical prototypes, ensuring they don't face delays for redesign, testing and rework. By continually validating every system in the context of every other system, manufacturers can accelerate the development of high-quality, next-generation vehicles and get it right the first time.

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