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Development of Basic and Detailed Projects with FLOMASTER:

Knowing your Plant before the Operation

Can you imagine during a basic or detailed project being able to have a digital twin of the project and be able to quickly and accurately predict all the phenomena that may happen?

The Simcenter FLOMASTER does just that. As a 1D CFD tool, the user does not need to be tied to geometry design and mesh generation. FLOMASTER has a vast library of equipment for different industries, such as thermoelectric, oil and gas, aeronautics, chemistry, allowing the construction of a digital twin of the plant and predicting the steady state and transient responses of the system.

With the technical-commercial proposals received during a basic/detailing project, FLOMASTER allows importing the PFD or P&ID, entering data received from suppliers, such as equipment dimensions, flows and operating curves, and simulating the entire operation under permanent or transient. Thus, FLOMASTER allows you to choose the best equipment and predict possible outbreaks and system response with fidelity and speed. In addition, it goes further by allowing integration with plant instruments and operating as an authentic digital twin.

As an example, let's talk about the use of FLOMASTER in the design and implementation of electric power generation from thermal sources. We can simulate the entire BoP, from the operation of the cooling tower and the circulating water circuit, allowing the import of circulating water pump curves and predicting their transient behavior.

Also used in the Water Treatment Station to verify the dynamic behavior of the tanks during filling and emptying, in the simulation of the recovery boiler, steam turbines, gas compression and decompression station and the entire gas receiving and directing circuit, blowdown boiler, steam cycle chemical injection systems and many other applications.

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