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Developing the next generation of Agricultural Implements

The heavy equipment industry is facing the need to bring smarter, safer, connected and sustainable products to market faster. For this, it is necessary to abandon the use of slow cycles of iterative product design and isolated tools and processes, inefficient in the delivery of advanced equipment. The proposed solution is the use of a state-of-the-art integrated project platform, which allows:

  • Virtual prototyping: allows you to accurately predict the behavior and functionality of equipment in specific scenarios of your application and in adverse environments, validating even complex autonomous equipment and operations;

  • Simulation Automation (CAE): allows you to do more simulations faster, with automated processes and immediate quantitative feedback on design performance, resulting in rapid innovation and overall cost reduction;

  • Integrated Field Data Analytics: Brings real-time operational data into a closed-loop product development and maintenance system, enabling you to bring products to market faster that meet customer needs and embrace new disruptive trends.

Using this integrated design platform results in greater reliability, shorter development times and lower design costs. CAEXPERTS together with SIEMENS Digital Industries Software offers a performance prediction engineering solution that allows you to reliably develop equipment the first time and reap the rewards of rapid innovation.

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