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Cloud HPC - CAEXPERTS expands its partnership with SIEMENS Digital Industries

Cloud HPC

CAEXPERTS reinforces its commitment to leading digital transformation in the industry, consolidating itself as a reference by offering the most complete range of simulators on the market, based on renowned SIEMENS software. This strategic partnership was recently expanded with the commercial launch of the innovative SIMCENTER CLOUD HPC, marking a significant step in CAEXPERTS' journey to optimize processes and drive efficiency in the industry.

The use of this advanced platform by CAEXPERTS engineers not only represents a leap in simulation capabilities, but also redefines performance and effectiveness standards in the industry. Now, it is possible to execute cases in a few minutes that would previously require hours or even days on local high-performance workstations.

Strategic Benefits with Cloud HPC:

  • Rapid Delivery of Projects and Consultancies: The agility provided by SIMCENTER CLOUD HPC allows CAEXPERTS to deliver engineering projects and consultancies in significantly reduced deadlines, boosting competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

  • High Complexity Simulation in Real Time: The expanded partnership enables the simulation of increasingly complex products at scales close to reality and in real time, enabling a more comprehensive and need.

  • Agility in Product Development: The ability to quickly simulate changes during the product development process is a crucial differentiator, allowing agile and effective adaptations to market demands.

  • Financial Optimization: The adoption of SIMCENTER CLOUD HPC results in a drastic reduction in investment costs (CAPEX), as it eliminates the need for high-performance local infrastructure, while maintaining a low operating cost.

  • Advanced Data and Information Security: The partnership offers a secure environment for data and information management, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of critical information.


CAEXPERTS recognizes that while cloud computing for HPC is an exciting prospect, many companies face challenges in setting up and managing it. However, with SIEMENS HPC Cloud, these challenges are overcome:

Fast Delivery of Projects and Consultancies: The agility provided by SIMCENTER CLOUD HPC allows CAEXPERTS to deliver engineering projects and consultancies in significantly reduced deadlines , boosting competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

  • Instant, Hassle-Free Access: Without complex IT configuration and management requirements, SIEMENS HPC Cloud provides instant access to HPC in the cloud, delivering ease of use and speed.

  • Flexibility and Efficient Collaboration: The ability to move simulations to the cloud and efficiently share results with the team increases flexibility and promotes more effective collaboration.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Simulation monitoring is simplified and can be carried out through dedicated software, web browsers and mobile devices, providing total control over the processes.

  • Optimization with Integrated Hardware and Software: The integration of software and hardware on the same platform enables the simultaneous execution of multiple simulations and cases, optimizing operational efficiency.

Importantly, high-performance companies are more likely to take advantage of cloud computing for HPC, and CAEXPERTS is ready to offer all the support you need in your next project.

Enjoy the Future of Simulation with Expert Support from CAEXPERTS!

Contact us to explore how to implement SIMCENTER CLOUD HPC in your operation and jumpstart your journey towards simulation excellence.


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Maritime Advisory DNVA DNV Maritime Advisory leverages on-demand cloud services to accelerate simulations.

Cloud HPC Maritime Advisory Case Study

Using Simcenter to solve urgent problems with CFD in the cloud

Company: DNV Maritime Advisory

Industry: Marine

Location: Oslo, Noruega


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