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Avoid the Recall

Do you still develop your products by doing trial and error tests in front of the customer?

If you still don't use a simulator to virtually prototype the product you are developing, you probably need feedback – or complaints – from the customer to correct any flaws that were not foreseen.

But before that, we can't forget what a painful process it must have been to complete the final product.

Note that when you innovate only with physical tests (or prototypes), you demand not only high investments, but, above all, considerable development time.

Thus, the main steps are the construction of a prototype and its respective instrumentation. Later, you must put it in the field, check its flaws, go back to the drawing board and create a new prototype.

When working with a digital model, however, it is possible to have the versatility of simply changing a design and seeing how this will impact the product itself.

We were able to parameterize, define several cases, and make changes to the geometry of the virtual product and verify the impact on the performance of the equipment.

Comparison of projects using digital models

You can say that you use standards for this purpose – and they help a lot – but, in general, they tend to be oversized.

However, if you only use the standards, and your competitor optimizes the development of your products with virtual prototyping and simulation, you will probably lose market to him, because your product will be 30% to 60% more expensive than it should be – but there is no way to reverse this scenario.

CAEXPERTS specializes in digitizing the product development process. Our solutions can considerably speed up your new product launches, reducing development costs and exploring the infinite possibilities and power of your production process.

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