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Accelerate Product Development in the Automotive Industry with support from CAEXPERTS

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

SIEMENS Digital Industries Software is a company that helps automakers accelerate innovation to develop the next generation of vehicles. The traditional design process for cars has been split into different teams using different tools for design, testing and manufacturing, but this process is no longer adequate in the face of intensifying competition, rapidly changing consumer demands and increasing regulatory requirements.

SIEMENS offers an accelerated product development approach with computer simulation and the use of digital twin to address these challenges. With the help of computer simulation, teams are able to test and validate solutions in a virtual environment before moving on to actual manufacturing. This allows them to deliver designs that work seamlessly together to innovate smarter, greener and more sophisticated products at a faster and more effective pace. Additionally, using a digital twin allows teams to maintain a complete view of product development over time, which helps them identify and fix issues faster and collaborate more efficiently.

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