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Turn your invention ideas into reality with the help of CAEXPERTS

If you're an industry leader or research center with an invention idea in the drawer, but don't have the time, staff, or resources to make it a reality, CAEXPERTS may be the solution you're looking for. As a company specialized in accelerating technological innovation projects with the intensive use of digital engineering, we can turn years into months and do it in a very competitive way.

We are pioneers in the implementation of CAE in the Brazilian industry and we have a wide range of digital engineering tools from SIEMENS, in addition to our experience in several industries, we can help you transform your idea into an innovative, efficient and innovative product, equipment or process. competitive in a short time. With our help, you can take your ideas out of the drawer and turn them into reality, raising your competitiveness to another level and taking the lead in your sector.

We carry out intensive virtual prototyping, testing materials, functionalities, construction forms, manufacturing processes and optimizing costs through engineering simulation. This allows us to greatly reduce development costs and timelines, as well as boost our ability to innovate by testing the endless possibilities and engineering what's to come. In addition, we offer R&D outsourcing services or we can be co-authors of the invention, even supporting the patenting process, always with confidentiality contracts and internal information security procedures.

You no longer need an expensive R&D center for physical test-based developments. CAEXPERTS is the ideal partner to leverage your industry's R&D and innovation, and can help you get to market ahead of the competition.

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