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CAEXPERTS: A strong union!

Creative Solutions and Silicon CAE come together to create CAEXPERTS, aiming to further drive the digitalization of Engineering.

CAEXPERTS begins with the momentum of these two important companies in the world of CAE, which already actively work with the implementation of technology for design, simulation of products and processes, as well as specialized consulting in engineering for South America.

Now together, in partnership with SIEMENS Digital Industries, and with a larger team of experienced consultants, our focus is on providing solutions to industrial challenges through digitalization and advanced engineering expertise.

We understand that digitization in Engineering is a path of no return, and we are committed to working to accelerate this modernization process, offering the most complete range of simulators on the market, we will act with the implementation of SIEMENS software, together with our own methodologies for the development of products and processes.

In addition, we are committed to advancing further with projects aimed at reducing Capital Cost and Operating Cost of industrial ventures, research, development and innovation in industrial processes, integrity analyzes and increasing the operational reliability of production assets.

Ricardo Barros, CEO of Creative Solutions and now CEO of CAEXPERTS:

“With the integration of the Silicon CAE team, we will be able to provide an even more dedicated technical service to our Siemens software customers, teaching them in a didactic way to generate even more impact with the tools, to overcome their real engineering challenges, through the transfer of knowledge and practical experience of using CAE for the development of products and processes. In addition, we will have more technical support to expand the portfolio of tools in physics such as advanced CFD and DEM, including complex multiphysics integrations.”

Ricardo Damian, CEO of Silicon CAE and now CTO of CAEXPERTS:

“With this merger of our companies, we will leverage our technical breadth and business potential. Creative Solutions, with its partnership with SIEMENS Digital Industries, is adding technical expertise that will enable us to advance in some strategic areas such as simulation in electrical, electronics, automation, mechatronics and systems engineering, in addition to a wide network of contacts across South America. This synergy opens up new opportunities for the development of integrated R&D projects, digital twins for plant operation and international consulting projects. We are confident that we will deliver even more value to our customers.”

Our consultants, in addition to being experts in CAE, have a wealth of engineering experience in several sectors, some of them being pioneers in the implementation of CAE in Brazilian industry. We use scalable high-performance hardware and software resources in the cloud, allowing the delivery of high-value-added solutions specific to our customers' technological challenges. It's industry-speed simulation and engineering digitization within everyone's reach!

Our base address will remain in the heart of the innovation ecosystem of Florianópolis, in the CELTA Incubator building, Room 2.02, Parque Tecnológico Alfa, José Carlos Daux, 600 - Km 01, Itacorub, Florianópolis – SC, CEP 88030-902. From here we coordinate the work with our network of consultants that is spread across several states in Brazil and abroad.

Count us in!

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